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Hey, I know what its like.. i grew up in a family that thaught animals had to be out side all the time. We used to have a Big black shepard mix that was out side all the time growing up. My partents didnt beleive in letting the animals in the house.. UNTIL i grew up and moved out.. i cant stand to see animals chained up since then..i will never have my dogs on a chain unless there isnt a fenced yard but only to go potty and for some fresh air. besides that my boys are in the house ( my mom doesnt have a fence yard in Ny and thats how my boys have to be when i go visit ).. but i will always have a fenced yard now and i told hubby straight up that anywheres we go i will put a fence up..
But yes.. i know what it was like.. now adays.. since my mom met our pit/boxer she fell in love. she said she has never seen a dog with better manners then him.. hes allowed everywheres in her house.. she never let dogs on the furniture or anything.. until him.. she told me ( we havent been back home in over 2 years ) that when we come up in july all the boys will be allowed on the couches.. ect.. she said she will especially put blankets on the couches so the boys can sleep on them if they want.. that is how much her life has changed since i been gone. and the meaning of having good dogs.
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