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I know this might sound silly , but i want to share this with everyone

. before we got stephie we had one or two dogs before back here in

india one cannot find many indoor dogs , except one or two . even the

dogs we had before when i was a kid were chained outside fed with

leftovers with occasional treats and morning and evening walks .

But after stephie everything has

changed . she has captivated everyone's heart . she has become one of

the member of our family commanding more affection and love than her

human counterparts my dad who never close with dogs ( he even doesnot

touch them ) now allows stephie to sleep in his bed . my mom everyday

specialy prepares food for her taking more care than ours . she does

not know what it will be to be chained except walking with leashes on .

it is surprising to me how a puppy can change our lives . now she

sleeps with me in my bed . even sits in our dining table for food .now

she is like a baby in our family .

Most of you reading this might think i

am dumb to post these useless things . but i just wanted to share all

this . thanks for reading my lengthy post .
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