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Some of the Georgia Dobes got together this past weekend for a playdate. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and a few of us got to go to lunch afterward. Our dogs were well-behaved, with the exception of Roz getting a tiny bit fussy/vocal at not being the center of attention. (Spoiled.) It was lots of fun, and I think there are more pictures of the actually playing at the park that might come later. ;)

Attempting to organize our lovely dogs :)

Pretty much everyone outside was watching us.

After the dogs line up, none of us are looking. Sorry, guys!

Axel was a little peeved at being the only boy in a picture full of females.

Our best shot.

And one shot with everyone :)

Can't wait for the next playdate and to see the rest of the pictures. They were taken with a real camera by someone who knows what she's doing!
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