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Spirit's Sick

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Well, Had to take Spirit to the Vet today.. He has had the runs for a couple of days.. thought it was the raw beef bone we gave him.(when he was younger, beef bones always gave him the runs) Thought it would be ok since it has been 4 years since he has had one.. and he gets ground beef raw with no problems
Well this morning. I thought I saw blood in his stool.. Quick sample wiped up from the floor and off to the Vet.. Stool check and blood test.. Xray.. 15 minutes later.. Vet yelling out the door from back to stay.. Spirit's prostate is enlarged.. and pushing on the colon.. Heavy Meds for 10 days.. All blood test and stool.. Negative.. thank goodness... He has lost 6 lbs..and you can tell his booty is sore by the way he sits.. poor boy.. Vet said not to worry.. Prostate was pushing on his colon causing the runs.. Bland food for a couple of days.. Plus meds.. and he should be fine.. Extra hugs and loves for him..
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Oh goodness Buns, sorry to hear that. Give that boy hugs and kisses for me and the girls
Poor boy - Glad you found out what it was quickly and that it wasn't more serious that it is though... Give him luvin's from Chi and me :)
Hope he starts to feel better.
The main thing is that it is something that should clear up,still it must have been worrying to have the vet find something like that,hope he on the mend as we speak.
Here's hoping the poor guy feels better real soon.
I hope he feels better very soon.

As I read your post, I found I was holding my breath for fear it was going to be worse news.......phew. So glad it is treatable, and not as serious as it could've been.
OMG....why would his prostate enlarge? Please keep me me Vanessa.
At first reading your Title put a sick feeling im my stomach. When I finished reading your post I was so relieved. Hope Spirit makes a fast recovery ,as well as you, for all the worrying you did.
Glad it was nothing to serious, hope he feels better soon!
Hope he is feeling better real soon.

Dober hugs coming your way.
From Ria and Rudi.
Aww poor Spirit, Da'Kari and I hope that he feels better soon. I'm glad it is something that he can get back on track from.

Spirit seems to be doing a lot better.. He is back to full energy.. Hungry.. and today he walked on the treadmill. Stepped on himself after one of the girls like to say " Ok I am feeling better lets go for a run" We start today on a little reg dog food.. He does not have the runs now but now he needs to go potty.. Just waiting.. But he seems to be doing great.. Thanks everyone!
Great news Buns, give him another hug from us!!!
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