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Saturday the local feed store had a dog day with the local 4-H kids. Now because it was raining all day they held it indoors in the middle of 2 aisles. I decided to check it out and take Spirit! Well, I just have to brag! He was GREAT! There were several dogs there on and off all afternoon. Spirit greeted each one with a nice sniff and was nice as long as they did not return the favor.. He would just turn his head around very quickly as to say "Hey, I can sniff you but please don't sniff me"
He was WONDERFUL with all the humans and on his best behavior with all the children! They had several demos going on. One with a police dog, one with hunting and the other on agility. Oh how Spirit LOVED the agility.. All I had to do is say "Spirit do you want to do OVER!" Man he would perk up his ears and wagg his Butt! He showed off his jumping and going through the tunnel to the amazement of all! during the police demo, I had to walk him down an aisle as He really wanted to get the Bad Guy! Not really sure why as he has never seen or been trained like that before.. Even the office asked me about this protection training. I told him that Spirit had not been trained in protection and is always such a calm dog, Office said Spirit looked like a natural!! Weird! But over all everyone was so impressed in his Looks and Manners!! I could not be prouder! I just had to Brag!! I also meet a lady that is going to talk to her sister who does Agility and Therapy! to see if I can get hooked up with them.. She also thought Spirit would be a natural! I think he is the GREATEST!!!
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