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Specific Attributes of American and Eropean Dobermans

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Hi! I'm new to this site, and am currently in the research process of obtaining my Doberman. I have several questions that I need help with. First ( and I realize the amount of ignorance this will reveal) I was curious about the differences between American Dobes and Europeans? Not only the physical attributes , but also the emotional aspect attributes as well as cost, access to breeders and health risk (if there is any difference between the two). I am currently a student at Montana State University, and I have not enter the decision to get a doberman lightly. I have wanted one since I was young and the desire has only grown with time. I have looked a two breeder in MT and I would really appreciate it if anyone has any info about them.

Marienburg Dobermans This is a link to Marienburg Dobermans in Bitterroot Valley MT,


Crestline Dobermans This Crestline Dobermans in I believe Helena MT

Any information from everything above would be amazing!

Thank you in Advance to anyone who responds to this!!
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Welcome to DT. The American vs Euro discussions can get heated, warning you now :) There are numerous threads on this topic which you can find using the search feature above.

Here's a good thread on the standard; FCI & AKC:
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