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Some Pictures of Chloe

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Her first birthday!

She's excited for her cookie!

Popping up from her nap to take a picture.

Stealing her friends dog bed (and looking proud).
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Sorry, they're small unless you click on them; I'm still trying to figure it out! Haha. :)
Happy Birthday Day Chloe! I have a Chloe that turned 1 sept 2, 2011.
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Happy Birthday Day Chloe...great tongue photo / excitement in the air.

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Her birthday was a little while ago but I just uploaded pictures now. She ripped apart all of her stuffy toys that she got the day of, of course.

Happy belated birthday to your Chloe too, Blueberry!

Thank you Beaumont, I'll give that a try next time I post pictures this was my first time, but I'm sure there will be more to come!
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Happy belated Birthday Chloe!

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