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Some Bruno Shots :o)

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Here are a few updated picture's of Bruno. He's now 22 weeks (just 5 months). I can not believe how fast he's grown. But I'm loving every minute of it :)
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His ears look really good! He looks like a little powerhouse! Love the pics, post more when you can!
Great pics!!!! But I have to warn you, didn't you hear that Doberman's like to snack on little kids?? LOL :)

Hey did he lose the little tiny white spot on his chest? I can't see it in the pics. He looks absolutely fabulous!! Growing fast! And he clearly loves the children!
Nice pictures.....Your little boy is sure growing up....
Hello Bruno *waves*! Oh how I have missed you. You look so cute and happy.

Just be careful with little dobie there and your child. I always heard that dobes eat kids for a snack. :)
haha--of course! He snacks on the boys all the time ;)

Bruno just LOVES my boys (6 and almost 4). He is very protective of them too. I love it. They love him to death also.

Thanks so much, he is growing SO much. It's like I blinked and now he's so grown up LOLL. His white spot is still on his chest. But he only has like litterally 3 hairs there LOL So they're really not visable unless I point them out. However his white toes are still white ;) Which I love and hope they stay that way.
TomAndKing said:
Awesome pics. Looks like Burno has a "Brother" as my nephew would say.
LOL That's too cute. My son's say the same thing. They even think they're brother's to my moms yorkie-poo LOL It's cute.
LOL, I think you might be overfeeding him at such a young age.....
LOL--Maybe ;) He's around more little kids then he is adults LOL

We ordered pizza this afternoon for lunch. The pizza guy came in the door and Bruno of course was just barking his butt off at the guy. His face just looked white as a ghost and he just stared at Bruno making sure Bruno wasn't going to attack him (which is so funny to me because Bruno is the BIGGEST chicken ever. He has a mean bark, but he doesn't know how to back that bark up LOL). Then here comes my 3yr old pulling Bruno back from the door telling him to stop and this poor guy is just looking like "Lady aren't you gonna grab your kid, that dog is going to eat him" lmao. I love when ppl judge before knowing ;)
Wow, He's getting big. What a good looking Dobie.
Sounds like he's on his way to being the perfect watch-dog too.
Thanks :)

Yes he's very protective of his family. Which I love. I can not wait to take him for long walks on a nice summer NITE! :D I'm such a scardy cat when it comes to the dark :/ haha.
Ohh I like his ears. =) They really compliment his head.
Great Pictures He's gonna be one nice looking adult
He is gonna be one big fella,careful i might have to put him on my list of dognap victims along with Nikita,Lexus,Chi just to name a few:3dbiggrin

Just waiting for them lucky lottery numbers for my U.S and Canada tour,
wonder if they will notice all the extra luggage on the return flight:) :) :) :)

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LMAO Brum....If you happen to make off with Bruno. Make sure you have plenty of lil children for him to snack on ;)
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