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Poor Simon really lets Shanoa completely boss him around. They play when she wants to, not when he does. They stop if she wants to stop. He gets to lie down in the good spots only if she doesn't claim them first. And today, she decided to lie down right on him. This is actually pretty neat for me, because it's the first time they've really "snuggled" since he arrived.

I apologize for the glowing in each picture - both were wearing their coats that have reflective parts.

First, it starts as play:

Then things start to turn:

Simon's giving me the look that says, "Really???"

Resigned to his fate:

At least one of us is comfortable


I guess I'll just go to sleep, then

Sorry for the poor quality pictures, but I got a kick out of it.

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Oh, I bet you loved it! Great pics! I wish mine would snuggle. :( I only get a taste of it if I am in the middle of the pile. I would love for them to snuggle! Tippy & Cujo used to but since adding the 3rd they have pretty much stopped.

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Seriously, do boys just just tend to BE like this? I've never had a male before. There is something about it, for reals. ;)

Happy to see them snuggling.... on her terms of course. :) It's the first step, hopefully, towards long days of snuggles. He obviously doesn't mind.

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Too cute! (Love their coats, BTW. :))

Tali bears the brunt of Fiona's whims and wishes, too. Poor Tali is constantly being sat and laid on.
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