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I am happy to announce that is giving away free Web Hosting packages to any member that would like to create a web site about Dobermans.

There are only a few requirements:

1 - The website must be about Dobermans in some way.

2 - You must include a link back to on your site.

3 - You must say please and thankyou. :D (Okay that is optional but it would be polite)

Thats all there is to it. I will provide you with all of the information you need to get started. You can either have a sub-domain of like or you may register or transfer your current domain to us.

All free webhosting will include the following:

50 Megs Disc space
2 Gigabyte Bandwith per month
4 Email accounts
1 Email mailing list
2 FTP Accounts
CPanel web based website control panel

Your site will be hosted on a Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz Linux machine with 2 Gig Ram and RAID disc storage. Located in one of the premier datacenters in the US

Again this is totally FREE!! No strings, no catches. As I said the only qualifier is that you must be a member of and your website must be about Dobermans. You will also have to provide a link back to our site

I will also extend this offer to any non profit groups that care for Dobermans. Shelters, rescues and things of that nature. Please if you know someone or a group that takes care of Dobermans and would benefit from this offer send them our way.

If you would like to take advantage of this special offer please post a request in this thread and I will PM you when your account is ready. Please let me know if you would like a subdomain or if you will be registering your own domain name.

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