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Lexus said:
WOW!!! Lexy wants to move in with Byron!! He looks like he really has a ball there!! Lucky dog!! I'll get some pics this weekend of Lexy's playground, I have some but they are regular pictures.....
Hey not fair!!! Not Fair at all.. Raven, Spirit, Gypsy, and Iris want to go too.. We are so jealous.. That look great.. I wish we had a place out in the country so I could take my dogs out to run..,my dream place would be 40 acres with my house right in the middle of the 40.. a large kennel with dog doors leading right out into dog runs and then into a huge yard, but also the dog kennel would be right attached to the house so they could come and go in the house as they pleased,, Oh to have $$$$$
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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