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I took the tape off my puppy's ears after 10 days of posting. This was the first time they had been taped and posted. Once I removed the tape they stood great. Its been 3 days and I can tell they are relaxing more, but aren't flopping yet, he can still hold them erect. I will probably need to post them a second time and was wondering if I should do it for another 10 days or more or less than that. 10 days was what my vet recommended for his inital posting. Thanks a lot!
I'm not sure how short your crop is but hopefully you were expecting months of taping vs 1-2 sessions of taping. Unless it's a very short military crop, they usually need a few months of taping at least.

Like others said, get them back up ASAP before they flop.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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