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Your main problem are the sores. You cant tape over sores or scabs. You have to wait till they are completely healed or, if possible, tape around them. Stop at a Farmers Co-Op or a horse supply store and get some Horsemans Dream. It is an excellent cream for sores. What taping method are you using? There are good instructions above in the stickys. Try a lite powdering of the fur side of ears w/BFI or Gold Bond Medicated powder, dust off excess and tape. Stops fur being pulled out. She shouldnt be scratching as posting shouldnt bother her beyond 5/10 mins after taping. You could use masking tape instead of cloth as it doesnt pull fur out making sores. Be sure to tape loosely and srunch w/hands to make tape stick to ears and itself. Seven months is too early to give up and her ears should stand even w/cropping that late. How about pics before and after taping.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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