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Jordan just got his known second set of shots last Tuesday. The lady who turned him to the shelter said he had a set of shots but they were unable to confirm with the vets office so as far as we KNOW he has only had the set of shots when he was neutered and then from last week. I've been discussing with my vet whether or not to get him an extra parvo for precaution or leave it with just one more set which would make 3 rounds.

Years ago it was suggested that certain breeds get an extra parvo shot for prevention and rotties were suggested to have five shots and I remember dobermans being on that list also. Now they are coming out with new information on how over-immunizing can be detrimental and even possibly cause cancer from what I understand.

What is the recommended vaccines now? Should I leave it be with the 3 known sets of shots and possibly 4 if he was immunized before being surrrendered to the shelter or go ahead and get an extra one scheduled after this next set?
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I'd think you're fine too ... and I'd rather not over vaccinate.
Just wondering too (Burns will probably be able to answer) - isn't it safer to give Rabies seperately from any other vaccines?
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hb... it's all just very scary when you start learning about it.... someone I know just lost a 6yr old dog from reactions to their Rabies shot... I am vaccinating on a very limited basis.... in fact just turned down "booster" shots for my 2.5 yr. old Pug, and you know what, my vet seemed to understand. We'll see what she says next time. kids are vaccinated too, but if I had babies today, I'd do it all differently....
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