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Sherman - 16 weeks

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What a big boy he is... just shy of forty pounds. We just got back from a mile and a half walk to feed the horse and he ate his whole bowl of food before settling into the sun for some nice pics. Anyway, here they are. We are about to leave for his puppy kindergarten class, then we are going to a really nice, off-leash dog park. Tell me what you think and dont be shy! I know many of you wont be. ;)
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He looks like a very shiney happy boy! What more could one ask for? :D
He's a beautiful baby boy! He looks so angelic!
very handsome! Hope he had a good time at class :)
OMG he's getting HUGE! I remember the very first pic you posted of him... wow how he's grown!
He is very cute.
that's one good lookin pup u got there. the puppy face is so prominent! :D
the innova food is doin him good!
i can only really see one thing wrong with him -

that natural eared beauty belongs at MY HOUSE, and since hes not here, SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!!

he looks adorable and very sweet- where is he from? more importantly, where exactly are you located, so i can use some vacation days to plan his dobernapping :)
he is getting BIG and he is a Very handsome boy!!
He is a very handsome boy and I love those big feet. He looks so shiney!
He looks like a very happy boy :) Wow - his coat looks great - so shiney! Handsome little or I should say big guy you've got there :)
We try to take real good care of him. He had a great day today. He is WIPED out, as am I. He was a really good boy at class and at the dog park. I have pics of that place, too, which I will post tomorrow or something. :)
Very Cute

He does have big feet but very cute.
Patches Mom
Handsome dobie!
omg is that the same pup that you posted like....2 days ago? lol j/k

time flies way to quick here. I see you decided to keep him natural ear. cute boy!
VERY cute!
He reminds me so much of Bumpy - and you know I love the natural ears. He is beautiful.
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