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she want to play with my cat

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Roxy want to play with my cat but my cat dont want to play. She is barking a them when she see my cat and when my cat run she is chasing her. What should i do for she stop barking at them and chasing them ?

Edit : Roxy she is 5 month.
Normaly cat are down stairs but i want my dog to be socialisated with cat.
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I'd probably train a solid "leave it" command, we trained "leave it" regarding treats but after your dog has really got it you can use it to get them to knock off just about anything and put their attention back on you.
Put her on a leash when she is in the house with you. Teach her the command "Leave it!" and also while you are doing that teach (and you have control because she's on leash)her to not chase and to not bark at the cats with mild corrections and distractions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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