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Hi everyone,

How is everyone doing? I am very excited to be a part of a Doberman forum. I have been a Doberman lover ever since I can remember and I finally managed to get one!!! I had got the cutest little doberboy when he was about 55 days old and its been almost close to 5 months since he’s become part of the family.

I am not sure where to post this, so apologies if this is the wrong category :)

Although he has been a good boy so far, there is only one teething problem that has cropped up suddenly in the last one month. Just to give you an idea, I live in a house where the ground floor is the garage and there is a staircase that connects the garage into the living room which is separated by a door. I had a flap door constructed instead, so now the main door always remains open for easy access. I have been trying to train him to sleep next to the flap door, which has a pretty big area by itself and I put placed his bed and toys there. It also has a fan there that can be regulated for him depending on the temperature. I live a city that in India that is constantly hot by the way.

He had been sleeping peacefully for the first two months, but suddenly, from the last month, I don’t know what got into him, but he has been showing symptoms of what I see as “separation anxiety”. The moment I leave him alone, in about 5 mins, he starts whining. I don’t know how to overcome this especially in the night time, because I want to train him to sleep in the staircase area. Currently, he needs to be put to bed while I sneak away after he has fallen asleep. This has been happening almost for the last two weeks now. Sometimes, he wakes up realizing nobody is around him, and I have to again sit next to him until he falls asleep. I realize they are social animals, but its not like I am making him sleep in the outhouse all by himself. Me and him are probably separated by about 10 feet, that’s about it. I just don’t want to him to get used to being in the house. The whole of the garage is all his and my office is in the garage as well and I spend the whole day with him, including going on walks and runs during mornings and evening.

I am getting a bit frustrated by his behavior and I don’t want him to get into the habit of being around people 24/7 or especially when he needs to go to bed.

My question is, will this habit continue if I keep putting him to bed or is it just a temporary habit that will go away as he grows into adult?

I would really appreciate all your assistance. If not for this only issue, he’s like the sweetest big baby ever! Always calm, gentle, rarely barks (except for the above situation) etc

Looking forward to your responses.
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