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Scabbing is eating away at the ear tip. Help!

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I got my puppy's ears cropped at 10 weeks. The veterinarian did an awesome job of cutting them based on pictures my boyfriend and I supplied. The surgery went well-- Otto (my puppy's) ears even stood up for a full day after the cup fell off his head. We brought him back to the vet's so a technician could show us how to post. The supplies they suggested were: medipore H take, zonus porous tape, poly foam caulk saver, and torbot glue. The vet's posting lasted about 8 days, and then I started taping them on my own. Little things started interfering with the posts-- Otto would scratch at them and regardless of how often I trimmed his nails, he still occasionally cut his ear to the point of bleeding. When this would happen, I'd unwrap the ears and leave them alone until the cuts healed. Then, one day I was unwrapping one of the ears, and near the bell of his ear, under some hair, there was yellow puss and what appeared to be an open circular wound. During this time I was calling the vet and asking for advice. She told me to use my own discretion, and if it didn't clear up I should bring Otto to her office. I cleaned his ear thoroughly, and once again left it unwrapped until the wound cleared up. I have been posting for awhile. I repost every 4-5 days, and even more often if it has been raining out to avoid wet wrappings. Today, I noticed a cut under the tape (near the base of his ear,) and while I was unwrapping I could smell this foul, gross odor! THEN, when I got to the top tape (I put a piece of tape at the base and another piece at the tip) I noticed that UNDER the tape the tip of his ear had a huge cut on it. Literally, it looked like a fresh wound, as if someone took scissors and cut it off then re-taped it! I know that's not the case, so now I'm wondering what the heck is going on! I'm so distraught. I literally posted 4 days ago and have no idea what could have happened in that short of time. The tip is purple in color, and has a scab forming now that is literally eating away at his tip. I'm not sure if it looks like a chunk of skin is missing because it is, or if the ear is swollen, causing the tip to look skinnier. I am going to be taking him to the vet asap-- but I still was wondering if anyone had any experience with this or could give me some suggestions? I'm not taking him to the same vet that performed the crop because she's about 45 mins away and far to expensive.


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I am glad that you're going to take him to be seen... my first choice would be to have him seen by someone who knows a thing or two about cropping and posting, even if it is further and more expensive.

I am wondering if you have been wrapping the tape too tightly and cutting off circulation in the ears...
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My first thought is that the tape has been too tight...hope you can get him seen soon. Good luck!
Sounds to me like you are wrapping the tape too tight and it is cutting the circulation off which will kill the ear tissue.

He needs to go to a vet.

When you resume posting, loosely wrap the tape around the ear and then scrunch it with your hand to make it stick to the ear and itself.
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It is easy to wrap the tips too tightly if you're not careful. "Wrap" isn't really the correct word because you don't really "wrap" the tips, you LAY the tape across the ear and VERY gently fold it around without putting any pressure on the tape at all. The ear tip doesn't need to be stuck firmly against the post.

Hopefully your boys ears turn out okay, hugs to you.
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From the description, I would agree with everyone that the tape may be wrapped too tightly and may have stopped blood circulation. I am afraid that the tip(s) may literally fall off :(. I hope not though.

I would take him to a breeder/handler in your area. Even a Dane person. Looks like you might be taping his ears too tightly and not getting the one tip on the post because part of the tip seems to be folding inward. If you back wrap the tape around your post, then the ear will naturally adhere to the tape. Then very lightly tape the tip and base.

I would definitely go see a breeder or handler or someone, even if the cost is high. He's a lovely pup and you don't want the tip to be effected.

Which tape are you using to post with? It should be the Zonas porous tape not the other one. I agree with the people who have already posted on this thread suggesting that you are taping the ear too tightly.

Also if the puppy is scratching his ears that's another thing that suggests that the tape holding the ears to the posts is being pulled too tight. Most puppies will shake their heads and/or try to scratch their ears for a few minutes (like 5 or 10) and then ignore them. Since he doesn't and keeps scratching if you are using the system of only taping the base and tip of the ear I'd change to taping the entire ear--one layer and don't pull on the tape when you wrap it around the ear. I think that you are getting swelling in the center section which causes the tape edge to cut into the ear. One of the reasons I teach people how to tape by using a fully taped ear instead of bottom and top only or even bottom, middle and top is to get more even pressure on the ear and avoid things like swelling in between the tape bands.

Good luck--hope that tip heals up not that it's out in the open and untaped so the swelling can go down.
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I'm not taking him to the same vet that performed the crop because she's about 45 mins away and far to expensive.
I don't know where you are located but there is a list of people on this forum who can help with posting if you need help. We have some super experienced members that have a lot of posting knowledge and could help you out if you need it.

Also, if the vet who cropped your pup's ears is more knowledgeable about cropping/posting than the closer vet.....I would be traveling there regardless of how far it was.

Good luck with your pup....I hope it turns out OK
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