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Safe Crate Suggestions Please!!!!!

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Question about crates. Does anyone know of any company other than a soft crate( because they can be chewed) that makes a crate either without a crate pan or without a bottom? I am looking for a safe crate. Bella got her paw trapped between the pan and the metal when she was fussing in her crate last week and now I am paranoid about crating her. I know about the vari kennels but seeing as we would like to keep it in our family room probably forever as we have four dogs and will have to separate her from them when we go out, I am looking for something that is pleasing to the eyes and something that she can see out of and not just through those tiny vari kennel holes on the side. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm so scared to crate her now for fear of her getting her paw stuck when we are not home. Never in a million years did I ever think that a metal crate could pose such a danger with their paws. Thanks.
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I think there are some companies that make crate pads and bumpers for the sides of the crate. Maybe that would work for you?
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