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I wont say that it is in a doberman's nature b/c many that I have met for the first time come right up to me to be petted. Kyrah tho doesnt want to be petted. I personally think when she is with me she could careless if anyone else even existed. She has never lunged at anyone. She did/does the backing up and barking. I had socialized her to death then she just decided at a very young age, 15 weeks, that she was just to be looked at by others. I have worked long and hard with her. I dont have as many problems with it and have learned how to manage it. I can take her anywhere and she is great. I have learned to read people as we are walking around and can tell who is about to dive bomb us. I politely walk in front of Kyrah and say "she doesnt like to be petted." I no longer care or feel that I have to let people pet her. I dont have to make excuses or reasons. If we decide to stop and talk with some people and they are interested in her. I tell them just ignore her and she will sniff you. If she wants to be petted she turns sideways and lets you pet her or she will walk away. (We just got to this stage) It is mostly people who come at her head on with lots of energy that she has problems with.

ETA: I was reading what mmctaq wrote about seeing she wasnt comfortable and waiting too long before removing her from the situation. That is what I used to do. I would feel like I needed to let them try to pet her or let them approach. Or I was hesitant. I am not any longer. I block them as fast as they are coming for us. The people at the pet stores were awesome helpers and they dont get in trouble at work. LOL Played lots of "look at that game." Then stepped it up to Kyrah touching them until she let them pet her. I had at this time also started my new schedule of just cutting people off before they made it into our personal space.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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