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Link to pix: SADAR's Molly: pups at 13 days old

Report for Days 9 to 13 (05 - 07 December).

Monday, 05 Dec: Family went to vet.
Molly: weight: 60.4 lbs. (up from approximately 52 lbs on 01 December); fecal float: clear (but dewormed anyway for hooks, whips & tapes); Advantix; Iverheart; HW (neg); CBC: anemic; heart murmur; probiotics prescribed;
Pups: weights ranged around one pound, give or take a few ounces; tails docked & dewclaws removed (no pup had white on its tail tip).

06 Dec:
Morning: Molly: started probiotics.
Evening: F04 wheezy; sneezed; I called SADAR. They authorized a vet visit. F04 sneezed at least 2x overnight.

07 Dec:
Morning: F04 to vet: low temp (98.4), slight congestion, vet prescribed oral amoxicillin drops (started immediately); I'm to monitor other pups and, if they get congested, start them on the amoxicillin.

Each pup has been given a code name, with "F" and "M" indicating, respectively, the females and the males. Since I don't know their birth order, the 01, 02, etc., were assigned randomly. I tried tying yarn strings around their necks to ID them, but the yarn comes off (or Molly is removing them).

Late afternoon: started Early Neurological Stimulation exercises:
F01: 2 lb 1 oz;
F02 "Slick": 1 lb 12 oz; darker markings ; white on throat;
F03 "White toes": 1 lb 12 oz ; eyes opening;
F04 "Wheezy": 1 lb 10 oz; white stripe on chest;
M01 "Nose owie": 1 lb 6 oz;
M02: 1 lb 9 oz;
M03: 1 lb 10 oz; white stripe on chest.

Evening: some pups were panting, F04 was tyring to crawl out of nest; too hot? I reoriented the nest box so the heat lamps were directed on the closed end of the nest. I also moved up the window lamp a little.

General notes: M03 and F04 feel "lighter" and are noticeably smaller than others (M03: can feel spine); both refuse supplemental feedings of Esbilac.

I started by feeding Molly every 2 hours (except when I went to bed, then it was @ 4hrs.): 2 Cups Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy kibble. Admixtures included IAMS canned (she didn't like it), canned salmon, canned mackerel, condensed chicken noodle soup, canned chicken broth, homemade turkey broth, poached egg.

By 07 Dec, feeding Molly every 3.5 hours, 1.5 Cups Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy kibble, with half a cup of canned salmon or mackerel mixed in. Offering one raw, ungutted sardine (~0.25 lb) once a day, and one poached egg about 3x day, and dry kibble left down for between-meal snacks. I have made her a couple of batches of oatmeal with honey and olive oil mixed in. She loves it!

Water is a concern, as she keeps tipping over water dish. She is also a sloppy drinker. Kibble is soaked with 2 cups of liquid to compensate for her not having 24/7 access to water dish.

When Molly arrived in San Antonio, she was very thin and had little milk. She is now producing enough milk (to the point she "dribbles"). She has gained weight, to the point where the skin over her ribs can be pulled away easily. (I have been doing the skin-pull test to monitor her for dehydration).

Molly's bowel movements were initially frequent, voluminous, and very soft. With the transition to a 3:1 kibble/admixture diet*, stool has firmed up and is more compact. (*Ratio is as per vet's direction.)

I have taken Molly on shortish walks, and found out she is very prey-oriented towards cats. Gets very distracted if she sees one. She is okay on a leash, but pulls very hard if she sees a cat. Heavy traffic/cars passing closely worry her. Have not yet met a dog on a walk. Don't want to risk it as she is not current on her vax and cannot be vaccinated while nursing.

The stitches on M01 & M03's tails have been chewed on. I put styptic gel with benzocaine on the tail stumps. Afterward, I distracted Molly for about 30 minutes by taking her into the kitchen while I prepared her next meal.

I wanted to start the ENS exercises earlier, but Molly was (and still is) very uneasy about my handling the pups. On 07 Dec, as I was moving the pups around so I could put fresh bedding in the nest, the pups objected to being handled. I decided this was unacceptable and I was going to make Molly understand she has to learn to accept my handling the pups. She was a bit frantic at first, but eventually resigned to my handling them.

I will weigh the pups once a day as part of the ENS session. I place a block of "blue ice" under the aluminum pan in which the pups are placed when I weigh them. This takes the place of the ENS "cool damp cloth" exercise.

On 06 & 07 December: some of the pups started putting more and more weight on their back legs. They are bringing their back legs under them, trying to walk, as opposed to just dragging them behind or making "swimming" movements.

Onward to the next seven days of development! Sneak preview: eyes are beginning to open!

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