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Sabot broke his big toe

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Sabot has been limping around since Saturday afternoon......I finally was able to take him to the vet today and they say that his big toe has a crack in it.......I am just trying to keep him off of it and the vet gave me some pain meds for him......poor boy....he does pretty good on those other three legs though.
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Oh dear, bless his heart, do you know how he did it?
no, not sure....all I know is that he went out on the deck with Nina and when he came in he was limping around.
Awww poor guy stubbed his toe! Sounds like an excuse for lots of treats and EXTRA attention to me! Haha :D
Oh No my poor Sabot hurt!!! Well, you better give him extra love and attention and special treats!! Heck, that a few days off from work to tend to his every wants and needs too. LOL Poor Sabot I hope he is feeling better real soon. I know how it is, Spirit dislocated his toe in the rear last year. Got it caught in the slates of the deck!!
Poor thing. That sounds like it hurts. I hope it is a fast recovery for him.
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