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Hi all, Another question so we are choosing to move forward with the dobie Abby we found and he currently has her on Iams I have never liked the brand just because I believe for the cost... your getting grocery store stuff and this was well before I actually started doing any research about dog food but anyways I was thinking about buying Nutro Large breed this is what I fed my last dog many many years ago granted it was alot less then it is now but my dog had pretty good results other then her itching problems which after many changes of dog food found out a light coat of olive oil on her food did the trick....what I am getting at is Nutro still worth the cost I know when we last used it seem like a good product but granted I am still learning alot about dog food and I have tend to notice that after a dog food seems to gain popularity there ingredients become less then wholesome so if anyone can plz weigh in I would very much appreciate it. If I had a ton of money to spend on food I would obviously go with whatever is best on market regardless of price but I do not have that luxury but I do believe you can still provide your best friend with a great food for a reasonable price. Thanks all
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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