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Rut-Roh, BIG problem.

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For the second time this week we've walked in the door greeted by a very happy boy. What in the world? He is crated.

The first time we made some stops after church so we were gone a little longer then usual, about 7 hours. This is the longest he's ever been left alone in the crate and I felt bad so we rush home to find him greeting us when we walk in proud as can be. The top latch was in the lock position but not fastened in the loop so I thought maybe I didn't do it right or he somehow unfastened it and it got pushed back. More probable that I just didn't fasten it right. Not a whole lot of damage done, just some torn up paper from the bathroom trash and that's it.

Today, we get back after errands. We were gone for about 2 hours max. Again, we come home to a waggy tail and a happy boy just as excited as can be waiting at the door for us. This time the crate is perfectly locked up. Completely, totally locked and solid. I called my neighbor to see if there was any off chance he heard Jordan having a fit and he might have come over to let him out and just ran back home for a minute. Fat chance, but worth the call. He is at work and hasn't been here. They are the only ones with keys to my house also. The crate is completely solid. I've shaked it, pulled on it, pushed it everything that I can think of to figure out how in the world this is happening. I don't know what to do now.

How in the world could he get out? We're talking about a half full-grown doberman here. Is he touching his nose and shrinking down to crawl through the bars? I don't think he's related to Santa Claus. I'm just really concerned about this. He is WAY too young to be left unsupervised.
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Take a picture of your crate. Rommel knows how to open his.
Maybe he was taking notes when you rented 'The Prestige'...

As far as shrinking down goes - with most animals if the head can fit through, then the body will follow, although I'm not sure if it also applies to Dobes with their deep ribcage. I can't imagine a 7-month-old pup being enough of a contortionist to lie on its side and wiggle through the space under the door.

I can only guess that he has found a way to lift up the latch either with that handsome long snout or a paw, he pushed open the door and it swung back shut and the latch slipped back down after he left the crate.

This isn't the first time I've heard this story, although thank goodness the latch on Java's crate is a bit snug, so her lifting it wouldn't be too easy. That's why her crate was kept in the mud room with a baby gate up to keep her confined there in case she did a 'Houdini' and escaped from her crate. Thing is, your boy was probably just as excited to have escaped as he was to greet you at the door: "Look what I did Mom!!!".

Good luck and keep us posted!
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Here is the picture. I took a picture of the plate on the crate too to see the kind (hard to get picture up against wall). The end door is right on the wall with the window so he can't get out that way and the other door was locked up tight. If he got out by the door he got out and then locked it back up. I got in the crate to see if I could push or anything and I can't find out how he did this.

I've also looked all over him to see if he hurt himself trying to escape but can't see anything but a scrape on his leg that was scabbed over and opened up again.
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JM--We posted at the same time I think. LOL. You're probably right. "Mommy, look what I can do. Aren't you so proud of me? Now tell me what a good boy I am.".

The bottom latch is also pretty snug. I have to kind of lift the door of the crate just a tad to get it latched. I may have to have the kids visit a friend and stake out from my kitchen or something after he thinks we've left.
any possibility he is lifting up on the metal grate sides and seperating it from the bottom and sneaking out that way? do the sides lock down over the plastic flooring?
It is all one foldable piece that just collapses. I got in it just in case to see if I could push up on it also. To break it down you unclip the clips (which are all clipped and kind of hard to unclip for me) and fold in the short sides and then the rest collapses and folds up.

I just thought that I think I'm going to call the company.
The only way they know it to be escapable is if the dog pushes the plastic bottom out, lift the crate up and get out the bottom grates which are further apart then the sides and top. They've never heard of any other ways. I'm at a total loss. I'm going to have to do some investigating.
My ex's pit bull slid out the flooring of a crate similar to that. We had him in the garage in the crate (while we were doing yard work). He slid out the plastic floor tray and literally walked the crate down the driveway. He was halfway down the driveway until we noticed it. What position was the crate when you found it? Was the tray in the crate? If all was in it's place as you left it..........then the only answer is...You've got a Houdini on your hands.
Sounds like its time for a video camers or if you can arrange it to watch him some how. Maybe from from an outside window that he doesn't know your there. I have a similar crate and after looking at it, I can see a few ways, but nothing like what your describing upon your return. You know a good magician will never tell you how its done, you have to figure it out some other way.
Hahahah........Both Rommel and Ziris have escaped out of that EXACT crate. Rommel just simply learned how to open the door. If you wiggle it enough (or they do, with their paw or nose) it will open. All he needed to do, was open one latch, then they can push their way out. The cage will flex enough if they are really determined. And the other latch will be totally locked up.

Ziris on the other hand, found another way to escape. The sides with those clips at the top....all you have to do is push pretty good and then pull. While pushing up on the top of the crate with their head. (She did this at training.......I could have killed her......totally can ask Tori about this one) She collapsed the short side of the crate in towards her. Smart little ****. She was running around having a freaking hayday.

That is why these are my indoor crates :) Although those plastic ones are not escape proof either........I can tell you how to bust out of them
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LOL, not making me feel better guys.

The crate looked exactly like it did when we left except he wasn't in it. Nothing was out of place, the tray in the same position, crate in same position, latched up tight. If he did something to it to get out he fixed it after he got out. That is the weirdest thing about it. The first time the top latch wasn't latched in the hole so I could see where he could squeeze out the door. This time both were latched. And, we couldn't have forgot to put him in there because the door is always open unless he is in it locked up for us to go.

I am going to borrow my friends camcorder (we lost ours years ago) and see if I can set it up or hide out the window and watch him. I've got to figure this out. I know I won't put him in there with his collar anymore.
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Ok, that is hysterical. He sounds like one funny guy. Record it, you could send it in to one of those video shows and make, really, that is really really funny. I am impressed.:)
Don't make me laugh guys. It's hard enough when he just looks at me so innocently and proud. Now hubby wants to go out to eat because he's been working out of town. I think I'll have a neighbor come and check up on houdini.

Lanabana, you are not the first that said that. There may be something to this. We watch funniest home videos all the time. Maybe we missed an episode that he watched while we were away one time.

I want to zip tie around the whole thing and reinforce the locks but I really am dying to know how he does this.
I have the same crate; mine has two doors, though. Is it possible that when you put him in, you had taken him out of the other and left it undone but closed, and put him in the other and locked that one?

Ari escaped that way. Human error. We thought she'd undone the locks until we found out that I had taken her out of one door and my husband had put her in the other without checking the first door.
Just call him Houdini !! as a member of the magic circle he cannot divulge his secret to you :):)
GW--the other door on the smaller side is towards the wall to the left in the picture. There is only about an inch and a half space between the cage door and wall. We just never use that one since we moved the crate to that corner so it takes up less space.

I'm convinced. He had a magic shrink button somewhere on him. I vow to find his secret.
Waiting to hear how he did it??????
ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZhuh uh smupp smuff snort sniffle buuurrrppp bffff zZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz
video camera and then padlocks????
Patches mom
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