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Cross Post from Doberman Chat:
Originally posted by: Jolanta Lagzdina,
On 06-20-2009 10:59 AM
Source: Royalty House Doberman Kennel, full of lies

" I went to see the site of

and saw bitch Shadow Royalty House. Too bad I know well the female on the photos and it is for sure no Shadow. The female of the photos is from Latvia and she is (was) my own female Airz Esmir Esmeralda. This female know meny people. She give beautifull puppy who take meny show titles. She go to heaven at 2008 year from trauma.

Kennel REMIJAGUARE Dobermann kennel, LATVIA - My own dogs.

My female Airz Esmir Esmeralda have wrong name and pedigree:
First name : Shadow Royalty House
Second name : Rossiisky Kolorit Rogneda Sibella

At this forum she is with name Rossiisky Kolorit Rogneda Sibella
Pictures stolen from my site
This kennel put my female at meny doberman sites and pictures gallery with wrong information.
I have cross posted this old thread here because Royalty House Currently has a litter on the ground with the above mentioned Bitch. I noticed the old site has been replaced by a my space site. Royalty House Dobermanns
Honestly im not sure if he has recently replaced the stolon photos with pictures of the real Shadow since he has moved his site to myspace.
But i would personally advise against doing business with this breeder.

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Of course. Even people they might go there and they dont wanter where the mother is or ask to see pictures of the father. as long as people dont investigate, BYBing will exist. Do they have a big difference in price too?
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