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Rocky was starved by his previous owners. The township ACO's seized Rocky, who was at least 20 pounds underweight and full of parasites. Rocky spent the next week at the shelter, hoping someone would rescue him from his nightmare. We saw Rocky and could not resist his beautiful brown eyes, that begged for a second chance.

Rocky is a very special dog to come through his neglect with so much love still for people. Can you give him the wonderful home he deserves so much ?

Rocky is a 5-6 year old purebred red Doberman, Despite probably never getting the care he deserved, Rocky is a happy, kind, outgoing Dobie that loves all people (including kids) and all animals (dogs, cats, kittens, even rabbits!).

Rocky needs to gain a considerable amount of weight. He weighs 62 pounds now and will probably end up being an 80-90 pound dog. Right now, all of Rocky's ribs and hip bones are protruding. He was given medication to clear all the intestinal parasites that made him sick, and also had a complete CBC/Chem screen. Rocky is totally healthy, including free of heartworms. All he needs is some TLC and time.

The sunbleached coat and scars on his legs tell the story that Rocky probably spent all his time in a small concrete pen. His hind legs are sore and lack muscle tone, probably because Rocky never got the chance to be a dog. Rocky is very smart, and immediately learned how to use a dog door so he could access his fenced yard and come in and out of the house as he pleases. His legs and appetite are getting better each day. Rocky is not scared of anything, including fireworks!

Rocky enjoys hanging out with people, car rides, and taking runs in the woods. He is housebroke and will be neutered and microchipped this week. Rocky is a typical Doberman with all the typical traits. He is pretty Velcro, meaning he will follow people everywhere all the time. Rocky also has lots of energy and loves to play.

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