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Right Radius Curvus

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At 8 weeks old Buddy was checked for the Right Radius Curvus has not been limping until yesterday he started limping some and hold his leg up sometimes anyone know anything about this problem???
Patches Mom
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Panosteitis ("Pano") is common in young male dobermans. In simple terms, it is a form of growing pains. One day, he will be limping, holding up one paw...then a couple days later same thing, different paw. You might want to do some research on it online or talk to your vet. Assuming other diagnoses have been ruled out, pano is not serious or life threatening, and will pass in time. Tone down strenuous physical activity while he's limping. It's ok to walk around, but you don't want him to injure himself doing flat-out runs on a weak limb.
There is a genetic condition--not common in Dobes or any other breed which will cause the bones in the front leg to grow at variable rates and cause a noticable curvature of the front legs--I can't remember if it was this board that had the puppy on it with this problem (there were actually two in the litter) that was diagnosed by a vet orthopedist. That puppy was operated on but sadly had other problems as well and was ultimately put to sleep.

Is this what your Buddy was checked for? That, as I understand it is a condition which doesn't get better without surgery so I assume that he was found clear of "Right Radius Curvus".

As sooz has commented a limp that comes and goes, particularly a limp that comes and goes and may be in one leg one day and a different leg the next is probably Pano (panosteitis). Generally minimal exercise, crate rest occasionally antibiotics (Albon used to be recommended but I don't know if it is any more) and diet change have been recommended.

I don't know what you are feeding but if it is a puppy food I think I'd get him off of that and onto an adult formula. High protein values found in puppy foods seem to contribute to fast growth and high incidence of Pano and a lot of breeders recommend that Dobe puppies go directly from weaning formulas (which generally are puppy food of some sort) to adult food. There didn't used to be specific foods for puppies and the incidence of Pano seemed to increase with the advent of puppy food--mostly big dog puppies are the ones affected by Pano.
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When I got Buddy there was a sheet in his folder the breeder had taken him to the vet at 8 weeks old.Said their was a prominent bowing of the radius in the cranial to caudal direction.This was a Orthopedic vet he checked the x-rays and took some of his own x-rays. Results were he did not think it was a premature closing,problem appears to be a lesion within the distal radius where the prominent bulge was noted.The limb is shorter than the opposite leg but does not appear to cause any lameness. He did not recommend any treatment any changes in the future he would reevaluate the pup.
Buddy is on Canidae all Life stages when he lived with his breeder he was on Diamond dog food. I talked to the breeder today she suggested Canidae may have too high of protein and I put him back on Diamond dog foods??? Diamond is not on the approved list of foods by Whole Dog Journal so now not sure what to feed. Buddy has never been on puppy food except for the first few weeks of life according to the breeder.
I'm hoping it is just growing pains will keep him crated or on a leash for a few days to see if that helps. Do you think I should change to a different food in case it is the pano??? Next day Buddy still limping checked on the food the Canidae is a lower protein food than the Diamond food the breeder wants me to feed Canidae is 24% the Diamond is 26%protein??? How long do they limp if it is Pano he is still right front leg has not changed any.
Thanks for all the input and Your time to answer.
Patches Mom
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