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requesting Breeder insight from Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee Or Missouri

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Hi everyone,
I'm from southern Indiana and would like to add a Doberman to our home. We've had well loved labrador retrievers in the past (lost our family lab at age 4 last month) and this will be our first doberman.

I am looking for quality breeder recommendations. A lengthy record of healthy dogs with even temperaments is most important to me. I'm not interested in a back yard breeder.

Any feedback on breeders from Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri or Ohio would be so appreciated. I've spent many hours making notes from info I've found online but truly the most reliable resource is experience.

Thanks in advance!
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I am in Northern Ky and I would be happy to help. What exactly are you looking for in your next family member?
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Thank you so much Michelle,
Really, I am looking for the traits that a great doberman is known for. Loving, intelligence, well-suited for family integration, strength and their trainability. I'm not seeking to show or compete but want a wonderful pet that has all reasonable expectation of living a healthy and full life.
A little history; we had diligently researched labrador retriever breeders back in 2007 before adding our 1st labrador. He ended up with an untreatable rare spinal disease that caused his passing at age 3. We thought at the time that it was a sad but unpredictable outcome and got our 2nd lab from the same breeder. This wonderful animal developed severe allergies by age 1 for which he received weekly serum injections and heavy duty Rx's for. All was mostly well until September 2014. Long story...but after care from vet surgeons, vet neurologists, vet derm, vet internal medicine docs was determined that he had a rare opportunistic fungal disease in his brain. Treatment was a longshot but worth it to us. Sadly, he couldn't beat this and passed away at barely age 4 just before Christmas.

All that to say..... we train our dogs, we love our dogs, we take them on the farm...etc. The most important part to choosing a breeder with an excellent track record. Where we can be confident that careful consideration of all factors to the extent possible is always exercised.

Whew...that sure was a lot but hopefully gives you a little better info. As far as physical appearance for a doberman, I like the American dobermans with black & tan markings.

many thanks!


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Hello from Indianapolis! Windsong Dobermans is in Indiana. I plan on applying with Foxfire Dobermans in Oregon this summer. I'm going to pay more to have the puppy shipped. If that's an option for you, I would highly recommend her.

The DPCA breeder referral list is a great place to start. You'll want to do additional research into any breeders of course, but it's a good starting point: DPCA | The Doberman | Breeder Referral
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Are there any breeders in particular you have been looking at?
I'm really just beginning my search. I have seen several positive recommendations for Windsong. Mainly, on the forum as I've been looking for Mid-West breeders I have read about some to avoid due to poor breeding practices.

Coincidentally, the breeder we used for our labs was in Oregon & they were shipped to us. We would like to choose a breeder this time around that we can feasibly drive to visit and then take the puppy home with us as well.
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