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Reese the Wimp

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We live in the country and at the beginning of summer there were a lot of breakin's where out buildings were the target. Last night around 12:30 I was in bed and I heard a dog bark. Then I heard what sounded like a car with a flat tire. A minute later there is a knock on my door. Joe is on the road and I'm there with the two kids. Because of the breakin's and being alone and I'm a sissy I didn't answer the door. I didn't even turn on the lights. I called the police and told them to come check it out. I then realize that Reese was still sitting in his crate like everything was fine. NOT ONE LOUSY BARK! I let him out and he didn't even notice that I was acting weird. He didn't notice because the gate to my room was open and he ran in to eat the cat food and then finish up by having a litter box dessert. EWWW!!! The next minute a couple cruisers with lights pull up and still he didn't notice because he was having so much fun chasing the cats through the house (still in the dark) at full speed. Cops are outside with spotlights looking for a person who is no longer with the van and Reese still didn't notice until the cop knocked on my door. When I answered it Reese dive bombed the screen door with this tail waggin, screaming "Oh hello, did you come over to play with me? Please, pet me!" Finally a car pulls up and the missing people have come back to fix there tire. That is when he noticed something just wasn't right and he finally stuck his face in the window to see what was up. But still....NOT ONE BARK. After all that I decided to let him sleep with me where he left me 6 inches of bed, 4 inches of blanket and tried to kiss me with litter box dessert breath. Now, he just turned 5 months and I know he's just a kid. Will he get a little more protective as he gets older or is he just going to be my wimp Dober Man? :)
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Yes in time, you're right he is just a baby!!

my 7 month old boy is getting pretty protective now. He'll run out to the front yard and bark at anything a deems a potential threat. At 5 months, your pooch is still pretty young...Give it time!
In time he will start protecting the house and family.

But no more litter box desserts until he does!!! lol

jdmom, just wanted to say be careful what you wish for and enjoy the peace and quiet you have now! Seems to me that you weren't in any danger and Reese didn't sense any danger so try not to worry too much. The protective feature will kick in for him soon enough. In our case, at that age Oscar was pretty quiet and you could just sense him putting all the pieces together in his underdeveloped mind. Then one day shortly thereafter (around puberty), it's like he got bit with the barky bug. He found his voice and that super-confident stance. Now if a tissue slides off the counter at night, he's right there challenging it in a flash. And don't even get me started on the outside noises. Plus, in his dobie brain each time I say "shhhhhhh", apparently to him that means BARK LOUDER & SHARPER in decibels so as to make human ears bleed. Bottom line, puberty will come soon enough and with it, Reese will find his voice (and fall in love with it because it gets reactions) and you may very well miss the old days. Remember, barking is more than his "voice" means he's getting territorial and specifically communicating complete thoughts instead of just fear. Instead of the occasional "I see you" or "I hear you" bark, it morphs into a "I'm WATCHING you near MY property" bark. (BTW, their property includes the roads, the neighbors' yards, the trees, the air, etc..) I think the second half of that (knowing what to do when HIS territory is breached) is when the barking phase kicks in bigtime. Right now, Reese is at the age where he's still putting all the parts together. Get ready...
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Duke is 4 months and he is kindy the same. HOWEVER....we dont get visitors to our door often and if we do its no biggie but one night someone knocked and I couldnt see who and I got a bit nervous and they knocked harder. Duke came up and gave out his big boy bark and was right there in front of me protecting me. It turned out to be my dad. He does this with a certain type of knock that a human would deem a hard pounding knock. Nature is there. Give it time.
Doxie & Dobe pups

Buddy is a 5 month old male Dobe pup Patches is a 9 month old Doxie pup, I got the Dobe to be a companion/watchdog because the Doxie would not bark when some one knocked on the door.After getting Buddy he barked a few times the first week we had him now he does not bark in the house but Patches does??? Guess they are going to take turns I'm sure Buddy will bark more in the future when he gets older.
Patches Mom
I guess it really depends. Our girl will bark when the door bell goes off, but once she see we are going to the door, she stops barking and just waits at the door to see who it is.... I kinda like that.
Kratty said:
Our girl will bark when the door bell goes off
Mine bark when a commercial comes on TV where a door bell is rung

:help_up_2 :3dbiggrin
I don't want him to be vicious...just a little bark when someone is outside in the middle of the night would we nice. There were some coyotes outside the other night making all kinds of noise. Bless his heart, Reese woke up, looked around and then crawled further down under the covers. Oh well, he's so cute I guess it doesn't matter. If he won't protect me I'll protect him. =)
Don't worry, Reese is still a young puppy =) His bark will come with maturity.
Barking at the Door when he hears something or running up to a fence or gate wouldnt make him or anyother dog Vicious unless he tried to attack. Hes still a Puppy and hes gonna be for a while just give it sometime. Dobes have been Toned down alot for the better but now many have little or no natural protecting abilities. It really depends on what you want the dog to do and where u buy from. You said you just want him to bark and make a little noise well im sure when he gets older you wont have to worry about that Then you'll be wishing he would be quiet.
Don't worry - Java didn't become our 'big guard dog' until she was close to 8 months. Until then, the brown van w/ the guys who jump out in brown unforms were here to play, weren't they? Then one day it was if a switch turned on - a FedEx truck drove up and suddenly out came this low growl and her 'Big Dog' bark. The FedEx guy stopped in his tracks, looked around and didn't come to the side door until he saw her behind the glass. I wasn't expecting to hear a bark and almost jumped out of my skin!

The 'bad guys' don't need to know that Java is really a lapdog in disguise, and because we are in a semi-rural area and hubby travels, I kind of like the fact that she lets out a warning bark. She won't bark at strangers on walks or at the dog park, but if someone comes near 'her' territory, she lets them know all about it. Am trying to get her to be trained like Kratty's Nikita - it's taking time but we are getting there. Otherwise she'll bark at every squirrel, chipmunk and deer she sees!
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Pyper is now 2 1/2 and she is the biggest wimp!!! My neighbours cat beat her up. Her 3lb yorkie bullies her to death. And she is a 'jungle gym' to my grandson. I am not comlaining, mind you, but when people laugh at a 3lb dog beating up a 65lb dog.. it can get a little bit embarrassing.. Ya know?? I wouldn't have her any other way though. She can, however, show her 'scary teeth' when we ask her too.. (we just point at her nose and say "Don't".
I wouldn't be happy with a Doberman who wouldn't submit to a cat, a small dog or a child. Those things have nothing to do with how "protective" the dog is, because those things are not threats.
My dogs are like yours DaKari, everytime there is a pizza delivery commercial on (they ALL ring the bell) the two nimrods go tearing down to the front door all ready tear someone to shreds ;)

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