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Just got a call from a foster person who has a 3-5 yr old red male, cropped and docked (good cros, she says), neutered.
The story is this dog was adopted out from Fillmore rescue (in Southern California) along with a female to a couple who then broke up. The dogs were given away to someone who then let the male loose. The male walked into a grocery store and someone (another Dobe owner) picked him up and took him home but this person can't keep him since he has 2 already. He then contacted my friend the foster person. Foster person asked me if I knew anyone who was interested.

She is going to call one of the rescue groups up here but she also said that Fillmore would like the dog back...but transport would be needed.

She asked that I post this.
I do not have a photo. She said his personality is calm and laid back, very friendly but doesn't like cats.
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