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Random little Orson thing.....

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My husband Kevin normally goes up to bed before I do, and there was a time that Orson would do his very best to get us BOTH up there at the same time. It would drive him nuts running back and forth to check on me and if I was coming yet.

Well I think he has finally given up on the idea, and has started a VERY cute little thing.

Kevin comes and kisses my cheek as usual before he heads up the stairs. For the past 3 nights in a row Mr. Orson is right behind him, and as soon as Kevin is done kissing my cheek, Orson comes over and puts his nose on my cheek, gives it one lick, then proceeds to follow Kevin up to bed.

This tickles me so much that I had to share :) And I hope he keeps up this nightly ritual because I find I rather like it and will miss it if he suddenly stops.
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Awww. That is cute. Have to love those boys. I hope he doesn't outgrow it either and feel that he is too mature and manly for his mom.
I have never seen any dog as excited to go to bed as a Doberman.

ALL of mine have made a big deal about going to bed. Sometimes I wonder how they can sleep after getting so worked up at bedtime.
The kiss routine is just too cute. I hope he continues too. If he stops I would call him and ask where his kiss is? I bet he would condtinue to do it. They are just too smart.
Oh how cute.. What a sweet puppy.. He see your hubby doing it and learns from it.. Smart dog. Now you tell me any other type of dog what would learn that from just watching.. only in our Doberman world...
Yes I agree...........these boys/girls ARE too smart for MY own good sometimes :)

Always, I will have to ask him for it should he try to stop.........I am spoiled to it now in only 3 nights time.

And Chaz.....YES! I really haven't put it to the test, but I think Orson gets just as excited at bedtime as he does if I tell him we are going bye bye! ROFL!
Awww that is so gorgeous - bless him! I just absolutely love these dogs!!
Awe what a sweet boy!

I don't let Rudi sleep in bed with me. (Only when it is the dead of winter, I'll let him sleep under the covers with me a few times. :O) ) When I turn out the lights to go to bed he usually comes into the bedroom and stands near the end of the bed waiting for his ok to go to his bed (the couch in the living room. LOL) I tell him "good night." and off he goes. My Bedroom isn't too far from the living room, so I'll hear him grunt and play with a few squeaky stuffies for about 5 minutes, then I hear him jump onto the couch and get situated..........and then I'll hear a huge grunty exhale.....and nighty night it is.
When I read something like this....I am sooo happy to be a will make all these hard early days worth the work! They truly are the smartest most personable breed out there! Sooooo lucky your boy adores you!

Petey is usually very happy to go to bed too. He has a blankie that he nurses on....and usually after a busy day he can't wait to get to it! The last 3 nights he has been a pest at bedtime, unable to settle down, I think it is a combination of me being very busy with my sons graduation from HS and celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary. He is looking for tons of attention and doesn't care if it is negative or positive! My family thinks he is a spoiled BRAT!

Carol ox
What a good Orson to give his mommy a kiss good night! Don't you just love when they do adorable things like that?!?!
I have never seen any dog as excited to go to bed as a Doberman.

ALL of mine have made a big deal about going to bed. Sometimes I wonder how they can sleep after getting so worked up at bedtime.
Ditto. Baine will nap upstairs but about the time 10:00PM rolls around, he's anxious to get his bed made in his crate and lay down for bed.
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