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I'm going to be the odd one out here as my two eat from raised feeders. We used to feed Abbie with her bowls on the floor.But she never looked comfortable and used to burp a lot after eating. Then one day she bloated up( luckily we got her to the vet before it got too bad) so we tried a raised feeder. She eats a lot slower and calmer from the raised feeder and looks a lot more comfortable too. So for her I feel that it is a better option. She hasn't had bloat again, but then again we are very careful when it comes to things like exercising before and after meals etc.
When we got Diesel we thought we'd start off with him eating with his bowls on the floor but again he seemed to be taking in a lot of air and burped a lot after his dinner. He would also choose to drink from Abbies water bowl (raised) than from his own (on floor) So we got him a raised feeder and the burping has stopped.
Maybe I am doing the wrong thing :confused2
As for chin pimples, we use stainless steel bowls and Abbie's chin is fine, Diesel has spots but that is due to another condition and should be sorted once his meds kick in :)
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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