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Rainy Days are the Devil

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I love rainy days...except when it's time for a puppy potty break.

It's pouring outside, and it has been for the past two and a half hours or so. I took Apollo out just as the first few drops were falling and I thought to myself, "Yessss, we beat the rain." He pottied like a good boy, and we came back inside. I had already put up his water for the night, so I was hoping he could outlast the rain and then we could go out for another potty break after it stopped.

Well...I was wrong. About an hour and a half later after his evening nap, he went up to the door and started whining. So I snapped on the leash and as soon as I opened the door, he turned back around to go inside. I carried him out to his potty spot in the rain and begged him to go, but no such luck. We stood out there for about five minutes before coming back just inside the door for a minute. Then I took him back out...this went on for about 20minutes or so. I KNEW he had to go, HE knew he had to go...yet he refused to go in the pouring rain.

Of course, the second we came back in for good...he went. Right on my freshly cleaned carpet.

How do I get him to like, or at least tolerate the rain? I never know whether to keep him out in it (since he frantically runs for the door when we're out in it, pulling on his leash and jumping all around like a psycho), cause I always feel bad forcing him. He doesn't even like it blowing in his direction...let alone standing out in it long enough to potty.

I just keep rains a lot in October...
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Adorable picture!! Apollo has a winter coat that I'm dying to try out. He also has hoodies and a few U of M t-shirts (have to show that school spirit!). I don't know if it took your puppy a while to get used to the idea of wearing clothes, but with him it's as if they're second skin.

I still can't get over how "human" he seems at times. Just yesterday I was standing in the kitchen eating a granola bar and he came over to me and sat down as if saying, "look! I'm sitting for you and waiting patiently, now give me some!". I said the usual "Goooood boyyy!" and went about eating my snack. At that point, he grunted, stormed over to his food dish, stuck his paw in it and spilled it all everywhere...after which he marched into his crate and layed down. I just stood there completely mesmorized. He looked like a little child having a hissy fit in his little Michigan t-shirt :)...silly puppies.
Gracie's_Mom said:
Hey what part of Michigan are you in? I am just outside of the Grand Rapids area!

Kratty: I love the jacket! To cute.
I'm from Sterling Heights originally, but I have now moved to Ann Arbor while finishing up school and trying to decide what I want to do after I graduate...which could take a while to figure out.
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