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When Ava was being house trained it was in the middle of winter.... It didn't decide to snow that year until I brought her home, so go figure. Anyway, she hated the snow just as much as I hated being out there so when there was snow on the ground, it was a chore to get her to go. The only thing that seemed to work was holding my ground. Much easier said than done, I know. :)

I picked a spot for her and would always bring her to the same area anytime she had to go and would say 'go potty' when we were there. It didn't take her long to figure out that 'go potty' meant, 'hurry up and pee' and that seemed to help her remember why she was out in the freezing cold to begin with. I would also bring a treat with me to give her once she finished. There were many times when I know she'd have to go and when she went outside, she'd pull and whine, trying to get back in but I'd have to stand my ground(no matter how cold!) and not give in until she went.
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