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I agree with Krys, they need to learn to deal with it. We got our girl back in December and it was starting to get cold. In april, we were still working on patty training and it was raining like every few days. I had no choice but to tough it out and stand with her out in the rain, just to get her to go.

Eventually, We took our walks in the rain, we played out side in the rain and now rain does not bother her now. Even if its raining, she still wants to go to the dog park to play. They don't melt as I thought before. The great thing is that they are wash and wear. A few minutes with a towel and they are as good as new. When I had my elkhound, it would take hours for him to dry. If I had a choice of cleaning up pee/poop on the carpet or standing in the rain for a few minutes, my Significant Other thinks I should stand in the rain.

Her's an old shot of my girl a 4 months with her bomber jacket.

Trying to link a picture from my server for the first time, if it doesn't work I will try something else..
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