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Rain's latest pic

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Hello, everyone. It has been a while since my last post. I got deployed for a little while. When I left she was still such a puppy and small. It is amazing how she has grown. She is just over 50 lbs now at 11 months. My wife took over obedience classes when I left. Her progress is wonderful. I have been taking her for the past month now since I've got home. Our trainer is asking if we would be interested in starting Obedience Trials in a few months. I had originally decided we would not pursue it, but the more I read the more interested I am. I think we may try to go for her CD. any tips? I just really wanted to tell everyone thank you for your help and advice as we were still getting adjusted to adding her to the family and post an update on how we are doing. also here are a few pictures. the second one is our favorite way to fall asleep. it's so funny to see her go to sleep with her animals. sometimes she will suckle them for an hour or so after falling asleep.


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