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Quick question.

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Do you guys have any "home remedies" for taking your friends with paws on long drives?

I will be traveling with Princi tonight to Winchester VA, about an hour and a half to two hours of driving. She does get a little irritated after about 30 minutes of driving, plus my car is not the biggest car out there (2 door coupe). I will try to make it as comfortable as possible but the two hour drive won't be fun.

Any suggestions?:help_up_2


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I have travelled with Java in both a crate and harnessed into the back seat of the SUV. I have a seat blanket from Land's End, fleece on one side, nylon on the other. Keep it fleece side up for travel because it warms to her body heat. I also include a fleece throw or towel in the back - Java likes to bury her nose in in when she sleeps. Harness allows her to sit up, put her head over the back seat and watch the traffic behind the car. Also enough give so that she can put her front paws on the floor and rest her head on the arm rest between the two front seats (she loves to do this when the back heater is on). I get her out to do one last pee/poop and/or take her for a walk to burn off some steam. I will also keep a chew toy or a bully stick on hand for the ride - she'll chew for a while, then fall asleep.

Bottom line is that I don't make any fuss about the car trip - it's just another thing we do together. Java goes with me in the car 90% of the time, whether it's for a quick drive to the post office or to the grocery store or on a longer road trip. It's been part of her life with us from day one and there has never been any anxiety on her part (ie. she didn't only go in the car when she had to go to the vet's, we did fun stuff too).
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