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Quick Question

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Hi everyone,

Just got a quick question aboout Wez's behaviour. We have a 3yr old chocolate lab who Wez plays very roughly with, they will run around and Wez will grab him by the neck or ear and try to wrestle him to the ground. Gizz puts up with it till a certian point then will put Wez down. Never any marks just noise lol.
When we are out if Wez sees another dog he will go to it and say hello, then for no reason start barking and growling at the other dog.:sadcry:
He has never gone for a dog or had any bad experiances so I dont know why he does it. Is it a dobe thing or is Wez just too cocky for his own good? :help_up_2

Vikki x
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Bit of a dog thing, he is asking the other dog to play really, if it was a nasty thing he would not go and introduce himself first he would just pile in.The stuff with Gizz is normal he is just telling Wez that he has gone far enough,if Wez is getting the message and leaving him alone don't worry just watch he doesn't push too far.
Thanks Brum, I just didnt want Wez to get too cocky, I think it has alot to do with the fact that he has not had his littermates to play with and lear doggie manners lol.
Gizz is a very well controlled dog so although he has the capability to do something really bad to Wez the hold back alot.

Sounds very playful. You are right about with him not having littermates to learn some doggy manners. I would suggest finding a puppy socialization class if possible to help with this. That way he can learn some good doggy behaviors with other dogs than your own. Plus, these classes are a hoot to take because its all puppies.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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