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Is there a special way to put Frontline Plus on a Doberman the hair does not seem to part and the coat seems water proof??? On my past dogs Bouvier's & the Papillon I could part the hair does not seem to work on Buddy. Thanks for any advise.
Patches Mom
I Just have been putting the tip next to the skin & putting it down his neck to the shoulder area thought I would ask if there was a better way.
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No special way as far as I was aware of. It is just like any other short haired breed. I just pull the hair back to expose the skin at the shoulder blades and apply. Pretty simple really.
I do it in several parallel lines on her upper shoulder. I do it first thing in the morning so hopefully it will soak in while she's out running around. I don't want her in the house right after she gets it. You saw what happened to B*I*B's davenport.
Our vet recommended to put in around 3 or 4 spots. Shoulder blade, middle back and tail.
You still have to part the hair. I agree it is a little tricky with a short breed.:)
Thanks, part the hair do not think that is possible I have tried with a comb not much luck will try putting it in different areas.Buddy is my first short haired dog.
Patches mom
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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