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Buddy is now 1 year old. Should a Dober Dog know where his teeth are at all times? The reason I 'm asking I play fetch with 2 balls with Buddy when he gets close to me returning with the ball I tell him drop it. Today leaned over to pick up the ball Buddy grabed the ball while it was in my hand his teeth did not break the skin but it sure hurt. I yelled ow turned and went into the house did not go back out for a while. He also still jumps up I have grabed his feet and held them forever seems like. I have tried walking in to him when he jumps up. Any new ideas he bumped my face with his hard nose, sometimes he gives kisses.
Thanks fo any ideas.
Patches Mom
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Orson doesn't normally play too rough with me, but I have never rough housed with him. My husband and oldest son is the one that bare war wounds from "playing" with him. They get him over excited, then he can't think straight to follow commands.

I would pick one method for each of his unwanted behaviors and stick to it.....sometimes even when you think they aren't learning, they still's just youth.
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