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Chi used to be very bad about grabbing for the ball or the frisbee at the same time I did and would almost always get my hand too. I taught her "drop it" by tossing a treat to her (she'd have to drop the ball/disc to get the treat) and then "wait" - after the toy hits the ground, she is not allowed to touch it until I tell her "okay" or I pick it up and launch it. I didn't take but a few sessions for her to realize that if she wanted to play, she had to play by my rules.
The jumping thing is another story - she bounces all the time but from the time she was very young, we wouldn't let her touch us. If anything we encouraged her to bounce, it's just so darn cute. Unfortunately, a couple months ago, she decided to bounce right as I was bending over her and she ended up hitting me in the face with the top of her head breaking me my nose :-(
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