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You have a puppy--he's only 18 weeks old. Most puppies grow into their ears even though at this age it might not look like he's ever going to.

As Murreydobe said--Dobes grow in accordence with what is characteristic of the lines they come from. Generally most will reach within an inch of their adult height by six months. I had one who was fully 18 months before he hit his full height but he didn't go through some of the stageyness that other puppies I've had have gone through. The young dog I have right now was probably only 1/2" short of his full height by the time he was 8 months--so he tended to look huge in the 6-9 puppy class.

Dogs that lack rib spring are one dimensional dogs--often they look great in profile and practically disappear when you look from the front. It does affect endurance and would be regarded as a fault in the conformation ring. You occasionally see dogs being shown hog fat trying to conceal their lack of rib spring.

However not all puppies have adequet rib spring from the beginning so I wouldn't panic about it at this point.
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