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Question: TOTW Switch?

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Hey all!

Leia is fully on TOTW now.. the Salmon, and she loves it!

I'm wondering though... Is it ok to just give the other TOTW recipes? Or, should I treat it as a complete feed switch and do a slow conversion?

Thankee! :D
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hmm I don't know I guess it depends on the dog. With my last two dogs on TOTW I rotated between flavors but never did the slow transition within the brand. They did great, there was never any issue.
I think it's fine to rotate between the different blends of TOTW without doing the slow conversion. And from what I understand, it's not recommended to blend the flavors together because your dog won't get the right ratio of nutrients from the individual formulas. In other words, each formula is rationed to give a certain amount of proteins, vitamins etc, and if you blend the different formula's you may get to much of something and not enough of another.
I feed TOTW. I mainly feed the salmon formula, but sometimes they are sold out so I have to buy another variety. Gunner has no issues switching between the flavors and loves them all :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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