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Purple-y swollen ear tips?

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I think I may have been taping wonder's ear tips just a little too tight. The tips seem thickened and are a bit on the purple side. Should I just tape everything but the tips, or leave the ears down for a bit? Is it okay if they flop at this age? They don't have sores or anything, they just seem thick and look tender and a little bruised. :(
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DH wrapped Java's one ear a bit too tight and she lost just under 1/2" of the tip. I have never been as mad at him before then or since. (or at myself for not following my gut.) When she went in for her spaying (after first season), vet did a nip/tuck and trimmed the other to match. Her ears look great, you would never know there was an issue. But boy, I was worried sick when she was on antibiotics hoping that the infection didn't spread.

We finally used a solid foam tube insulation found at Home Depot or Lowe's - comes in a long coil, you cut to desired length, wrapped that in surgical tape and then taped her ears.

At the first sign of weepiness or a foul odor - very different from overheated puppy smell - get puppy to the vet. Java ended up being on a full (10-day) course of antibiotics. Have seen a Dobe at DP who lost a good part of ear to infection. Sorry - am really not trying to scare you here. I know how worrisome it is when you are taping a wriggly puppy to try and not tape too tightly.

Hope all is well!
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