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Purple-y swollen ear tips?

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I think I may have been taping wonder's ear tips just a little too tight. The tips seem thickened and are a bit on the purple side. Should I just tape everything but the tips, or leave the ears down for a bit? Is it okay if they flop at this age? They don't have sores or anything, they just seem thick and look tender and a little bruised. :(
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This post has me very worried. I hope that the ears were not wrapped so tight that the tips lost circulation and you have some dead tissue there. Not trying to scare you as I am not there but what you describe sounds bad. Ears do not have to be wrapped tight at all with the proper method. I would leave the ears down a bit and monitor it closely. If the tips have died you will need surgery and allot of after care. Hope I am wrong. How long were they wrapped and how long have they been discolored?
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