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Purple-y swollen ear tips?

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I think I may have been taping wonder's ear tips just a little too tight. The tips seem thickened and are a bit on the purple side. Should I just tape everything but the tips, or leave the ears down for a bit? Is it okay if they flop at this age? They don't have sores or anything, they just seem thick and look tender and a little bruised. :(
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See the purple?

Doing his impression of Grandma Skyler. :)


Heavy tips

I know he's peeing, but it's a decent ear shot

Is this okay? The tips touching like this when he's focusing?

Ear profile

More ears
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This post has me very worried. I hope that the ears were not wrapped so tight that the tips lost circulation and you have some dead tissue there. Not trying to scare you as I am not there but what you describe sounds bad. Ears do not have to be wrapped tight at all with the proper method. I would leave the ears down a bit and monitor it closely. If the tips have died you will need surgery and allot of after care. Hope I am wrong. How long were they wrapped and how long have they been discolored?
I don't think they're dead at all, just a bit bruised. They aren't usually wrapped tight, I think the top just got a little squished. :(
The tips do look a bit swollen - my guess is that the ears are being wrapped too tight or the ear tips are going up higher than the posts. The tape should be not be wrapped tight around the ears - just tight enough to keep the posts in place - don't put tension on the tape as you are going around the ear. Distribute mild tension evenly up the entire ear, past the tips. The tips should never go up past the posts.

What kinds of tape are you using? I see you have vetwrap over the ears but what are you actually taping with?

In the meantime, I would massage the tips to stimulate blood flow and reduce swelling. You may need to have the ears checked out by a vet.
They really aren't taped tightly, I promise. I have been massaging the tips frequently and they're both looking better. The tape wrapped around the vetwrap is just paper tape. The vetwrap is just placed on the ear and taped with the paper tape. They're on the border of making me worry, but the improvements are making me feel better. I'll have my vet look at them tomorrow if you think I should. I'm just not sure if I'm being a worry wart or not.
Oops, sorry! It's been really busy over here. They look MUCH better. I was squeezing the base and trapping blood in the tips. I've been massaging them and using some vitamin E and they are back to normal. Whew! As expected, my vet didn't really know what to do with them, though he did look for free. <3 My family lives at that vet clinic, so he does little favors for us.

Now I know to massage the blood down away from the tips before I apply tape to the base. Now if I could only keep the bases in!!!
I DEFINITELY agree with that! He takes my breath away sometimes when those ears are down.
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