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Purple-y swollen ear tips?

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I think I may have been taping wonder's ear tips just a little too tight. The tips seem thickened and are a bit on the purple side. Should I just tape everything but the tips, or leave the ears down for a bit? Is it okay if they flop at this age? They don't have sores or anything, they just seem thick and look tender and a little bruised. :(
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Red's ears used to point together and touch tips when he pricked them up between postings too, so I made the bridge wider and looser so he had to use the muscles more on his own and now they don't tilt together anymore.

The tips do look a bit swollen or wrinkled - my guess is that the ears are either being wrapped too tight or the ear tips are going up higher than the posts. The tape should be not be wrapped tight around the ears - just tight enough to keep the posts in place - don't put tension on the tape as you are going around the ear. Distribute mild tension evenly up the entire ear, past the tips. The tips should never go up past the posts.

What kinds of tape are you using? I see you have vetwrap over the ears but what are you actually taping with?
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