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Puppy is sick before collection

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My partner and I were due to pick up our puppy tonight (deposit put down several weeks ago) , but have been informed by the breeder that she is spotting blood from her vagina today despite a clean bill of health at the vets on friday. She has been taken to the vets and has been given a possible cystitis or vaginitis diagnosis but they want to see how it progresses.
(Spotting blood is the only symptom, no issues with going to the toilet and behaviour is normal)

We are obviously completely unsure of what to do, we may have to wait for x weeks whilst the vet monitors, and miss out on so much of her early development. Or if a diagnosis is made where does this leave us? Presumably that voids any insurance as it's a pre existing condition...

Any advice would be most welcome, feeling pretty down right now :(
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If your breeder is a responsible, ethical breeder, I'd have no hesitation in waiting for the pup. That type of breeder has already done, and will continue to do, a great job socializing the puppy and preparing them to be great adults. I'd actually prefer a slightly older puppy myself, as I like a bit of a head start on things like potty training.

If you aren't absolutely confident that this is a fantastic, ethical breeder (and there are a TON of resources here on DT that can help you figure that out), I would be looking elsewhere and asking for my deposit back. Having purchased an older pup from a less responsible breeder, missing out on the critical socialization period has long term consequences that I would never choose to deal with again.
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