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Puppy has one testicle

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My boy Apollo, is now 7 months old and still has only one testicle. anyone have info on how long it takes for the second one to drop? i have to have him neutered at 1 yr old and if the 2nd one doesnt drop, he has to have stomach surgery to locate the other testicle. any info on this would be appreciated. thanks
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It is possible, but very unlikely his testicle will drop at his age or older. You should have received a price break on him because the cost of neutering is going to be higher than normal. I would use a vet familiar with stomach tacks and have that done as well since they will be in his abdomen anyway. The tack is to prevent stomach torsion in case he ever bloats. I think the techical name is gastroplexy or something similar.
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Seriously, she said that? Who is this breeder? Also very curious as to who is the sire and dam of this litter? To have all the male pups with retained testicles is either a very bad stroke of luck or poor breeding choices. Were you informed about the retained testicle before purchase?
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