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I agree that he looks a bit too round for my liking. I don't think puppies should be plump and chubby, I'd rather they be a bit thin (not emaciated or underfed looking). Think about all that growth in the bones that's occurring. The body doesn't need all that excess fat.

As for food, I agree...switch foods and cut back some. You'll probably cut back quite a bit anyways because most high quality foods you don't feed as much of anyways. As already stated Science Diet is full of fillers and there are plenty of potential allergens in there too.

As for what foods I'd recommend. Personally, I prefer an all-life stages food. The difference between puppy/dog is just more calories...more stuff. That's pretty much it. For varities here's what I'd recommend (in no particular order): Any of the Fromms Family foods, and variety of Acana, any variety of Natural Balance, Wellness or Nature's Logic. I like foods that are made in small facilities with a history of none- to VERY little recall (maybe once for something minor).

I love Fromms and that's what I feed my girl. She has both a sensitive stomach and mild food allergies. Fromms uses non-renedered ingredients, ingredients are fresh, and it's made in Wisconsin. They have never had a recall. Their digestibility number is quite high, so most dogs handle the switch easily (when done properly).

Good luck!
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